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This FiBoy's hobbies website is devoted to other cars and my family, which has endured my 10 years stay in the garage!. Updated 18-helmi-2015

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"Other Cars, Friends and other hobbies"

Mikko drives his racer Autos are important! The fascination of speed and control will catch you independent of age, size or marque. Mikko shows the style!


jaguar xj13 painting by Seppo Suomensyrjä This thrill of speed is to my mind very well caught to canvas, 60*80cm in size, painted by Seppo Suomensyrjä in -86. The XJ-13 in full cry! Seppo has earlier been a true worshipper too and painted several excellent Jaguar pieces of art. Let me know if you like to hear more! 

More about Jaguar arts, car paintings and sculptures at HJK pages. Many companies including this offer quality oil paintings based on your own car  photo.


Mikko drives a basic Rover Of course during time your dream cars change in looks and size. Open hatchback seems to be the right one now. Apparently he likes the Rover steering wheel! Do you remember your first car?


Joni's van No matter how they look, if you own it you will give your devotion. Here Joni is washing the first car he bought for running his business 


Jaguar MK 5 The beautiful lines of Jaguar MK V are liked by all our children too. I would enjoy this model also. Great style! Almost as magnificent as the drophead, which is on my dream list.


Triumph 2000 Roadster in Sweden -85 For the girls, however, the brand is not so important as the style! They turned their backs to this beautiful Triumph 2000 Roadster!


Jaguar Mk 7 with girls going to Opera There will be an opera  tonight! Raisa to the right and friend Sanna are prepared.


Jaguar Mk7 and Reija in Helsinki -81 My wife Reija and elder daughter Marja are entering the Mk7. Although parking in cities is tough job without a servo my wife manages the seven. Since then everyone has ripened a bit, especially the Mk VII as it had the 50's anniversary last year. The party was great; Mk1 and the Coupe were really well oiled as they drunk too much gasoline!


Army truck in Boros_84 Not all of my friends are Jag Nuts, each have had their own areas of craziness. One collected army vehicles. Here the size starts to matter.


Jaguar xj6 in Sweden Our best friends are the Tellander family in Sweden. This guy is an enthusiast who once had as much as 11 Jags including this fine 4.2l XJ6. Later they got fewer because Morris cars, those funny small tins from England, have won a steady corner in their harts.


Volvo Bus Sten owns also a Volvo bus that we used for many enjoyable tours near Gothenburg. What a great way to spend time with friends! His XK120 is immaculate as well as Daimler Double 6 and Jaguar V12 E-type roadster. More about Sten's XK here.


Land Rover Defender Now and then I have an opportunity for dreaming too. This Land Rover Defender was in my use during service to Discovery. The Land Rover dealer checked, however, first my chest whether it was hairy enough. Instant macho-feeling is true! Fantastic relic!


Rover P5 coupe While in Sweden I had dreams of owning this Prime Minister class Rover 3-litre Coupe. P5 really is a stylish car but the Jaguar XJ6 was my final choice. One of the reasons was the steering, which had no feeling at all.


Range Rover and Rolls Royce in Hollola Very similar steering was in the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow -68 that friends loaned to me! It was not to my liking. Not enough feedback from the road!


Range Rover and Ferrari in Hollola During the house renovation,  Gordian Tork , a friend of mine and founder of Leather Master, came to show a real stallion. I guess the Jaguar clientele does not usually keep a Ferrari in the garage for fast outings. These are too different breeds.


Jaguar C-type model engine The Jaguar style has been well copied to many replicas too. These boast enormous fun/cost-values. C-type is by far the best Jaguar. Compact, simple technology, awesome styling and rude performance! So, I have stopped dreaming of other makes and stay by Jaguar as many other enthusiasts in Funland have done too! When I can't afford the real thing I try to get a model at least. I have some 200 Jaguar model cars so far and hopefully some day I have the time to display them on model pages! My 1/8 scale C-type is not as detailed as this one although made by same company.  A good list to model companies is available in the link collection - see below.


Jaguar D-type engine Albeit the Jaguar C-type body may represent the ultimatum in car design the Jaguar D-type engine is more than a motor - it is pure art. The spitting Webers fitted to this D-type gave a nice sound too. 


Jaguar D-type model If you like D-types but can't afford the real thing, you should consider a compromise like this. A list of the most important Jaguar model companies is found in the links.


V12 engine in MGB And looking at Jaguar engines is always a pleasure, even though one can find them in peculiar surroundings. This was a fantastic insertion of V12 into a MGB roadster that I found in recent meeting in Sweden.


Jaguar Sedans at HJK meeting in Lahti "HJK - Hollolan Jaguar Klubi" held it's first meeting in Lahti, a winter sports town about 100 km north of Helsinki. 

The Classic Jaguars  were very important to Jaguar in their time. These  saloon cars carry a strong family resemblance yet being unique in their character.  


Norvin bike Of course, motor cycles are another story. Norvin, a mixture of two bests, Norton and Vincent, would be my dream choice.


Jaguar Tracks no3_90 The rarest of all Jaguar Magazines is the Jaguar Tracks that Seppo Suomensyrjä used to publish. One copy went to Sir John Egan and the other he kept for himself, except this copy, which I got. Lately Seppo has not had time for Jaguar paintings, full size car statues take all time. 

More about Jaguar in arts is found here.


Chess masters I have had other hobbies than kitties too! During my studies in the Technical University of Helsinki I was a keen chess player. In this picture the standing gentlemen were the best in Finland during the sixties. 

Innovations, patents Daily working life spoiled the chess playing habit and I started to use my imagination for creating innovations. So far I have been granted 101 patents for different inventions mostly in the field of plastics processing.

Carlsberg Hole in One Club Besides the Jaguar hobby I try every now and then get some motion by playing golf. In summer 2003 I was happy enough to make the first Hole in One on Messilä's beautiful course 6, which is 220 yards long. The are no longer par 3 hole in ones in Finland - maybe because of the small size of the country! This is why I was invited to the Carlsberg club. 

If you have questions, please have a look on the Introduction - page, where my contact information is. 


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