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This FiBoy's Mk7 website is devoted to a restoration of a Mark 7 Jaguar 3.4 litre saloon. Updated 17-helmi-2015

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"Restoration of a charming tourer"

Jaguar Mk 7 Sedan The Jaguar Mark 7 was manufactured from 1951 to 1956. In 11 model years more than 47,000 Mark VII, VIII and IX's had been produced. The big Marks were important cars for Jaguar, epitomizing Jaguar's motto of "Grace, Space and Pace." While they didn't have the scorching performance, nor quite the panache of the glamorous XK series cars, they did establish Jaguar as a producer of the high-performance luxury sedans for which they are still famous today. In spite of its weight, Jaguar was no slouch in performance. Road & Track recorded  0-60 MPH in 12.6 seconds. Top speed was 167 km/h. 


Jaguar Mk 7 Sedan boot My cousin had bought a big barn and invited me to have a look. That I  forgot because I was staring at the formerly so stately four door Jaguar Mark VII Sedan, which was stored there. It had terrible paint and really looked awful but I did not care - it was love at first sight! 

My Mark7 is an original to Finland imported car, chassis no. 736678.


Jaguar Mk 7 bulkhead Soon I had spotted the owner and I succeeded in buying the MarkVII wreck. The owner had planned to restore it but lost interest. Happily enough nothing essential was missing.


Jaguar Mk7 restoration Sand blasting is the fastest way to remove rust, but there is a big risk to spoil the contours as panels elongate. Jaguar Mark VII had thick panels and we avoided direct blasting with good results. Note the white wall rear wheel - it was on loan from my cousin's XK, see my XK120 Restoration story


Jaguar Mk 7 chassis The underneath was nice to look at after the treatment. Later on I learnt that removing everything before sandblasting is better policy. Sand particles will spoil all gaskets. 



Jaguar Mk7 renovation The whole car was painted with epoxy zinc after sand blasting. The underneath got then a thick epoxy coating modified with tar to enhance the elasticity. Normal epoxy + normal car paint to outside. The MKVII 's color is Jaguar's Regency Red.


Jaguar Mk 7 noise suspression Mk7 is a big saloon and at first glance you will get frightened by the amount of work. Soon after this pic was taken I started to glue noise suppression felt to the body. The car got quiet indeed! 


Jaguar Mk7 without wings Restoring a Mk 7 is fun but takes a lot of time. My wife wanted to check where I am spending the evenings. Friends at local Jag garage, Karaasi Ky, fixed the original XK engine. It was not at all as beautiful as in shown in the original brochure! The engine served many jaguar cars for about 43 years and was very robust and versatile unit.

If you are interested in seeing an excellent, detailed restoration pictorial, then click here!

Here is another site worth checking.


Jaguar Mk7 cylinder head The engine was overhauled and totally renovated in the usual way. The only problem was caused by an overly eager previous owner who had honed away some 3 mm from the head in order to get more b.h.p. Because of the problems this caused in shutting the engine the head was later replaced.


Jaguar Mk7 wood veneering The wood work was treated as fine furniture used to be - lots of rubbing and varnish. It gave fantastic silky gloss - but it proved out to be too sensitive against moisture. I had to re-veneer and re-lacquer the dash and other woodwork after a couple of years! 

I found this article some twenty years ago describing the woodwork in classic Jaguars.


Jaguar Mk7 in snow The renovation of the car took almost two and a half years due to limited funds, long waiting times etc. An example of a what long queing can cause is seen to the left. The car was under the snow at the courtyard of a garage several months! 


Jaguar Mark VII  Saloon with whitewalls The newly finished Jaguar Mk VII with white wall tyres and the proud owner. I managed to get time appropriate AA-753 registration plates that were in use in Helsinki in the beginning of the fifties.

The original colour was grey. I wanted to follow the choice of the Queen mother and from there came the red theme. I did not have the courage to opt for a duotone scheme that I actually liked a lot. As an example goes this - or the shades inverted; blue bonnet with white silver sides, following the natural contours of the sideline, better than the MK9 style.  


Jaguar Mk7 dials Mk VII has a magic presence and is a pleasure to drive. The hand-rubbed walnut instrument board is impressive. Especially night driving with these fabulous dash lights reflecting ultraviolet, which does not alter the dim luster of polished burl is an experience! 

No other car sweeps through the curves so effortlessly if you remember to assist with gas. Recall the Monte Carlo outright win in -56 ! There were also Finnish entries with the big cat but not very successful.


Jaguar Mk7 in Luton The Mk VII was finished in -81 and we did a test drive to UK. My eldest son Joni is posing outside an appropriate building. 

We visited also Oldham & Crowther (spares) Ltd who measured almost 15 bar pressure from each cylinder! Previous owner had removed some 4 mm from the head, which gave tremendous performance but also difficulties in shutting off the engine. I installed an additional 3 mm thick gasket in between to get the compression ratio back to 7:1 and this helped - I was able to drive the car with low octane kerosene in the other tank when starting with normal gasoline from the other -  the XK 3.4L engine is really versatile! Later on I switched this original, but too much tuned head to another, untouched one.


British quality cars The old lady felt directly home as the fleet consisted of hand picked masterpieces of British tradition. These vehicles still had style and quality unspoiled by any isms. 

The halogen main lamps for everyday use come from Volvo 144. 


Jaguar Mk 7 Sedan at winter time Quite soon we moved to Sweden, and Mk Seven served as an ice breaker when getting new friends. 

Range Rover sized M+S tyres give sure footing in winter time too. For summer use Nokia NRC 205 R16 radials are excellent. 


Jaguar Mk 7 in Helsinki_84 The magnificently  proportioned saloon has very spacious interior.  Once we were altogether 11 people in, 4 adults and 7 children. Because of the huge rear legroom everybody felt OK in the Mk7. Speak about family-car comfort!


Jaguar Mk7 Saloon in Norway_82 This makes the Mark Seven a marvelous long tourer. Our family did several long journeys, this time to Norway. The standard fitment, sliding sunroof that the Seven has is excellent to keep the children cool.

Note the full spats that I used that time. Later they were modified to give sportier looks.



Jaguar Mk7 in front of Rantasalmi Spa_91 This photo is most correct surrounding to both of the lady and our dog, who enjoyed many trips in the roomy Jaguar mk7 too. The house is an hotel and health spa today in Eastern Funland.

The Mark VII is renown for it's excellent road holding. One reason to this is the front suspension geometry utilizing torsion bar springs that give a soft ride. I have adjustable Koni shocks. The simply adjustable ride height is great!


Jaguar Mk7 dash The Mk VII had hand-fitted British glove leather upholstery. The grey seats were refurbished with Oatmeal Connolly Autolux in the nineties. 

The MkVII is not anymore used daily. After the second restoration of paintwork, woodwork and interior, the car is in mint condition with one change against originality; the modern automatic gearbox. The old Moss gearbox is not fun to handle when you have accustomed to automatics.

This kind of view you get  from  Mark Seven's cockpit


Jaguar wedding car Typical duties of the MarkVII include serving as wedding car in the family. It has scored 6 weddings, once was the Jaguar XJ6 used and once Mk1.  

Since adopting silicone brake fluid to the Mark 7 drum brakes the annual nuisances caused by lengthy stand stills have disappeared.


Jaguar Lady in red For festive family occasions there is no better car than a big Jaguar Mark VII Saloon. As the car stands high, jumping in and out goes with style - like in today's SUV's. Just try that in tight skirt and XJ Coupe!


Jaguar Mk 7 during a piknic to Lepaa2003_2 Happiness is about a sunny summer day, an English picnic set, a lovely wife able to fix some good stuff into it and a big classic Jaguar cat, preferably a Mark7. This phtograph was taken by Pekka from the annual meeting for British cars in 2003. To the left is a Historic racing E-type.


Jaguar Mk 7 Saloon's boot Jaguar Mark Seven has a huge boot, which makes it a splendid long trip car for families with children or golfing hobby or similar. Original brochure hinted to 4 bags but that is not any more so easy with modern drivers.


Jaguar Mark 10 boot Two big saloons showing evolving genes during two decades. MkX is very beautiful from this view as the little bulbous sides don't show. These are the largest Jaguars ever made. Note the modified spats of the MKVII.


Jaguar Mark X with luggage rack Speaking about boots we see that even if the luggage compartment is huge, it may not be enough! Extra rack has been found necessary. Here we see the biggest and smallest boots side by side. This early superb XK120 Roadster looks fantastic! More about XK models on my XK120 renovation pages.


Jaguar Saloon's  rear The rear ends of Jaguar Saloons are marvelous. Although so different but still having so much in common! More pics of the coupe here.


Jaguar Mk7 Saloon with Kenlowe electric fan Normally Mk 7 does not need assisted cooling. But entering a city during rush hours after cruising on the motor way has always been a moment of unwanted excitement. Now I finally had the time to install the Kenlowe fan that I bought 20 years ago in front of the radiator and it is not much visible, only the two mounting bars tell the story. The small plug to the right is for the block heater - this car is prepared for cold Finnish winters! 

Here is a picture taken of my car in the sixties in Hämeenlinna - what a change!


Jaguar door solenoid Another small irritating detail has been locking of the doors. The car's width is such that you can't reach the rotating door locks from the driver's seat and that's why I installed central locking. That was relatively easy but the rotating mechanism caused some excessive friction. That was solved with .5 mm thick Teflon sheet between the door skin and the knob. I used the moment to renew the door handles as well. These were available from Worchester Classic Spares as so many other Jaguar MK 7 special items.  


Jaguar Mk VII Engine My car's engine bay is not totally original. I have added some noise insulation to the bonnet. For those who are interested in originality issues or Mark 7/8/9  this is a good link.

The original XK 3.4L inline straight 6 is a wonderful power unit giving 160HP and lots of smooth torque making driving a pleasure.


HJK Jaguar car club meeting Jaguar Saloons posing at Vesijärvi lake in Lahti. The much adored grace of line of the Mark7 is clearly evident. 

The restoration of the 2.4 Jaguar seen in between is described here.   


Jaguar Mark VII in front of Mukkula Manor The so called Mark Seven "bulk" disappears in correct surroundings like the Mukkula manor in Lahti, Finland.


Jaguar Mark VII - a wedding car Once again Mark 7 had the pleasant opportunity to serve as a wedding car when the daughter of my best friend got married in 2006. Helena and Jukka looked as happy as the car!


Mating Jaguars One of the design features in all Jaguars is the grille and how it matches the mascot. In this case there are two very active ones. More about Jaguar radiator mascot here (in the end of the page)

Mark7 on the way to car show The grand jaguar Mark Seven was owned by our family for 30 years. Here it is leaving our home for the last time. It is going be on the car show in Lahti -2008. And it never came back because I sold it to a couple who were seeking a robustly built classic car suitable for their hobby. When leaving us the car still had a clean and nice interior.

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"Transforming a classic Mark Seven into a potent racing car"

Jaguar waits for a new engine This Jaguar Mark 7 really has a good Karma. My good friend wanted to build a racer for classic car events. The car is once again stripped and waiting for a new engine.

Note: Personall I have not been involved in this metamorphosis project. My friend just loaned the pictures for my readers' enjoyment.


Tuned Jaguar engine The 3.4L engine is professionally built and tuned to deliver reliably about 250hp.


Jaguar Mk7 aluminum fender Panel beater in UK made the bare fender in aluminum. The old steel fender is the red one.


Jaguar Mk7 sailing to new challenges The Mark 7 is ready for fight. The intention is to take part in the 2010 Carrera Copacabana rally in South America. The route started from Argentina to Chile to Peru to Bolivia and ended in Brazil. 


Jaguar Mk7 negotiating a tight bend Roadholding is great but the sway bars need attention


Jaguar Mk7 racing in desert Heat and constant revving cause demanding working conditions for XK engine


Well earned rest Pirkko and Martti enjoying a well earned rest


Racing a Jag in the middle of nowhere These conditions forced many younger cars to give up


Punctuated tyre again! Suspension and wheels and especially tyres were under extreme burden


Travelling over the mountains was tough


The route was both long and very demanding


Despite some bad luck and continuous long stress Pirkko and Martti made it to final. They took a class victory - which is quite a result for the newcomer, 57 years old Jaguar Mk7 !!!


If you have questions about the car, please have a look on the Introduction - page, where my contact information is. 

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